Bavarian Top 25

The latest Bavarian Chart is available on Bayern 3's "BAYERN 3 Charts" page. At the moment, I can no longer have them here directly, because of a missing media control license. An archive of all charts is unfortunately no longer available on an online source.

list of all charts

Check out BR3's "Hitbilanz 1991-2000" which was presented on December 30th, 2000 or the two decade "Hitbilanz 1981-2001(June)" which was aired on July 1st 2001.
Archive of older charts ...
1985 - June 1993
Many thanx to Stefan Amann, who provided me the data for this time period.
Oct 1981 - 1984
Many thanx to Robert Bullinger, who offered me the data for this time period.
1974 - 1981
Many thanx to Jörg Hilbig, who offered me the data for this time period. Unfortunately, in the years 1976 to 1978 he has only incomplete data - including uncertainties regarding the exact positions of available charts. Therefore, I appreciate any data you might find for these days in old notebooks. Feel free to comment on them!
Here, I got additional information from Frank Elsner. Thank you to him as well. He clarified nearly all of the missing data of that year.