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A comparison between Operations Research-models and real world scheduling problems

Christian Hestermann, Michael Wolber, University of Würzburg
Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Applied Computer Science
Allesgrundweg 12, D-97218 Gerbrunn, Germany
e-mail: {hester | wolber}
Fax: +49 931 70561 20

December 3, 1996


Scheduling has been examined for many years both in theory and practice. Theoretical scheduling methods, which are concerned with searching for optimal schedules subject to a limited number of constraints, are rarely applicable to real world problems with various types of constraints and preferences where optimal solutions are not necessary. Some important differences between the two worlds are analyzed.

The knowledge-based scheduling system WIZARD is presented. It was designed to cope with many requirements from industrial scheduling. In this paper it is applied to standardized problem instances taken from Operations Research literature and used on benchmark data to evaluate WIZARD's performance.

Christian Hestermann
Fri Dec 6 16:28:54 MET 1996