Die Tips werden unregelmäßig in die Liste eingefügt, deswegen ist jeweils das Einfügedatum angegeben. Wenn jemand einen Vorschlag hat kann er ihn mir zumailen.

The tips are inserted very unregularly, because of this the date of inserting is mentioned. If somebody has a proposal, he can mail me that one.

Date of Entry Title Artist
03.08.1997 Where's The Love Hanson
10.08.1997 Summertime C-Block
12.08.1997 Congo Genesis
12.08.1997 I Wanna Come MC Sar & The Real McCoy
12.08.1997 Suspicious Mind Ghetto People feat. L-Viz
25.08.1997 Los Ninos del Parque Plastic Noise
25.08.1997 Mr. DJ Dr. Alban
06.09.1997 Candle In The Wind '97 Elton John
06.10.1997 All I Wanna Do Dannii
13.10.1997 20 Hz Capricorn
13.10.1997 Dream's Harmony DJ Kulpa & Marino Stephano
13.10.1997 Sunchyme Dario G
20.10.1997 Fiesta (De Los Tamborileros) The Sunclub
25.10.1997 Everything's Gonna Be Alright Sweetbox
10.11.1997 Bora Bora Da Hool
10.11.1997 Words Paul van Dyk
01.12.1997 Talkin' About Nalin & Kane
01.12.1997 Nice & Nasty Close II You
01.12.1997 Follow You Follow Me Francis Ford
01.12.1997 Tomorrow Never Dies Sheryl Crow
01.12.1997 Angel Of Mine Eternal
01.12.1997 Planet Love DJ Quicksilver
03.12.1997 Lovelee Dae Blaze
06.12.1997 No Fate Scooter
06.12.1997 Doctor Jones Aqua
14.12.1997 A Long Time Ago Dr. Alban
14.12.1997 Semi Charmed Life Third Eye Blind
22.12.1997 Walk On By Young Deenay
19.01.1998 Read My Sign Bell Book & Candle
10.02.1998 Flaming June Paul van Dyk
10.02.1998 Krazy People Nalin & Kane
10.02.1998 Flaming June Paul van Dyk
10.02.1998 Mama Konda Orinoko
10.02.1998 Shining L.O.S.T.
16.02.1998 Pay No Mind Culture Beat
16.02.1998 Frozen Madonna
27.04.1998 Stars On 45 Funky 9ers
02.06.1998 Don't Call It Love Jam & Spoon
15.06.1998 8:15 To Nowhere T2
11.07.1998 The Awakening York
13.07.1998 Situation Yakooza

Markus Tolksdorf