BPM's from 162 to 202
BPM Artist Song Version
162 CODE 9 Atmosphere Part One
162 CRUX Scotland The Rave  
162 DEEP VISION Sometimes (The Sun Shines ...) 162 RPM 7" Mix, 162 RPM Mix, 162°C
162 FAXE INC. Dark Melody  
162 FLYING FOREST Afrique Nouveau  
162 LIQUID BASS The Spirit Of Life  
162 MATADOR Ritmo Nacional Energy Mix
162 MEGA 'LO MANIA Emotion  
162 MEMBERS OF MAYDAY Rave Olympia (Enter The Arena)  
162 MICRO COSMOS The Mind Wipe  
162 PHARAO Rave Like An Egyptian  
162 SCOOTER Move Your Ass Mandala Remix
162 SOUND SOURCE Voice Control  
162 TAUCHER Fantasy Marc Oh Mix
162 TIMO MAAS & GARY D. Die Herdplatte - 100¡  
162 U96 Love Religion E-vangelista Mix
162 VINCENT Overdose Of Love  
163 AMAZON II Booyaaa! (Open Your Mind)  
163 AQUILA Oblivion  
163 CASSEOPAYA Overdose  
163 DOLLS UNITED BlechbŸchse roll! Original Radio Edit
163 GANJA CREW Tiger Style  
163 JIM CLARKE Get Funky  
163 KENTUCKY Do-Si-Do  
163 MARK OH Love Song  
163 MARUSHA Over The Rainbow  
163 MARUSHA Over The Rainbow Hooligan /Genlog - Remix
163 MEGA 'LO MANIA Circulation  
163 MIND WARP Flying Carpet  
163 MOBY Feeling So Real 7" Edit
163 NIGHT PEOPLE Take Me Tonight  
163 ROD Y LER Mission Fulfilled Classique Version
163 SCOOTER Endless Summer Maxi Version
163 SPANISH FLY We Will Rave You  
163 STEVE BALTES Together  
163 TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY To Another Galaxy  
164 ALIEN FACTORY Beta Music  
164 ALIEN FACTORY Get The Future Started  
164 APOLLO FOUR FOURTY Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub  
164 CLINO Horizon  
164 DARKMAN Yabba Dabba Doo M Beat Jungle Mix
164 DJ NUT NUT Special Dedication V.I.P. Mix
164 DUNE Hardcore Vibes South Bound Mix
164 ED RUSH & NICO Mothership  
164 FILE-O-FAX Exploy Your Fantasy  
164 FRANK DE WULF Drums In A Grip Wax Doctor Mix
164 GARCIA Vamonos (Hey Chico Are You Ready) Amnesia Hard Mix
164 GIAN PIERO La Luna Mega 'Lo Mania Version
164 ILSA GOLD Up Andi & Hoschi Mix
164 MARUSHA Deep  
164 MARUSHA Raveland Wicked Mix
164 MINDX Feel The Generation Voyager Mix
164 RMB Spring  
164 ZONG!! Tangoa Club Mix
165 CIRCUIT Transport Of Love  
165 D.O.N.S. Resistance  
165 DAS MODUL Computerliebe  
165 DJ DAVE DAVIS Transfiguration  
165 DOLLS UNITED Eine Insel mit zwei Bergen Lummerland Club Mix
165 DONALD DUCK Mr. Duck (That's Donald!) Oh Boy Oh Boy Mix, Ravin' Mad Donald Mix
165 DUNE Are You Ready To Fly  
165 MARCO ZAFFARANO Supernova  
165 MARVELLOUS CAIN Hitman Dream Team Remix
165 MEGA 'LO MANIA Moonsign  
165 MIKADO Feel The Bass (Chapter 2) Trance Mix
165 NOSTRUM Dating Rob  
165 PEARL The Neverending Story Neverending Rave Mix
165 RMB Experience (Follow Me) Enhanced Mix, Short Mix
165 RMB Redemption  
165 ROBOTNICO II Backtired  
165 ROBOTNICO II Backtired Remixes
165 SOUND SOURCE Voice Control T-10 Remix
165 STAR WASH Disco Fans Lords Of Octagon Remix
165 TEMPODROM Tempodrom  
165 TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY I Kiss Your Lips  
165 X-ITE Research E.P. Hipnotic Mix
165 YVES DERUYTER Calling Earth Gizmo Mix
166 ALIEN FACTORY Tomorrow Remix
166 BABY D. Casanova Down To Earth Remix
166 COSMIX feat. KRÜMELMONSTER Kekse (Lecker Happa-Happa) Monster Mix
166 ED RUSH & NICO Proton  
166 ED RUSH & NICO Sector 3  
166 FAXE INC. Something  
166 HARDSEQUENCER From The Ear To The Brain  
166 HOUSE OF INSANITY Don't You Know Krypton 444 Mix
166 ILSA GOLD Silke  
166 INTERMISSION All Together Now Single Mix
166 KIM ONO Big In Japan  
166 LIQUID BASS In Full Effect  
166 LOFT Don't Stop Me Now Smooth Cut
166 LUNATIC ASYLUM Meltdown  
166 M-BEAT feat. GENERAL LEVY Incredible  
166 M.A.F. XPERIENCE Dreamland  
166 MARK OH Tears Dont Lie  
166 MICROWAVE PRINCE I Need Your Love  
166 NEW BLOOD Worries In The Dance  
166 NOSTRUM Brainchild  
166 PREACHER Salve Gary D. Mix
166 RMB Redemption Genlog Rmx
166 RMB Redemption Microwave Prince Rmx
166 ROBOTNICO 3 Can You Feel The Beat Remix
166 RODD Y-LER ft. CLINIQUE TEAM II Mission Fulfilled  
166 SOUNDMAN & DON LLOYDIE WITH ELIZABETH TROY Greater Love Potentional Bad Boy Dub Plate Special
166 STAR WASH Strong Like A Lion 12" Extended Mix
166 ULTRAVIBE Hard Feelings  
167 ALIEN FACTORY The Challenge  
167 ALIEN FACTORY This Is Not A Daydream  
167 CHARLY LOWNOISE & MENTAL THEO Wonderful Days Trance Mix
167 DJ JO Sweet Harmony Gary D. Remix
167 ED RUSH & NICO Technology  
167 F†NF FREUNDE Blop  
167 IBIZA Brockwild  
167 MAGNUS UGGLA Jenny Balle  
167 PREACHER Salve Galaxy Mix
167 RAVER'S NATURE Scream  
167 SCOOTER Move Your Ass Alien Factory Remix
167 SIDDHARTA New Coming  
167 STAR WASH Strong Like A Lion Video Edit
167 UNIT-E Hypnotic Garage  
168 DOUG LAURENT I'm Rushin Stakkato Mix
168 LIQUID BASS Massive  
168 PSYLOS Rata-Tooi  
169 2 UNLIMITED Jump For Joy Digidance Happy Hardcore Edit
169 CLINIQUE TEAM Summer Of Love  
169 DAS MODUL Robby Roboter  
169 DEAD DRED Dred Bass  
169 DJ HOOLIGAN Culture Hypnotrance Version
169 FINAL FANTASY Controlling Transmission Rave Mix
169 FINAL FANTASY Controlling Transmission Wave Mix
169 INDEX We Fly So High Komakino Remix Maximum
169 INTERMISSION Miracle Of Love Radio Love Mix
169 JAM & SPOON You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (Hands On Yello) Uff Die 12-Mix
169 LIQUID BASS Music 4 The People  
169 M-BEAT FEAT. NAZLYN Sweet Love Original Version
169 STAR WASH Strong Like A Lion Cheese & Onions Remix
169 T.POWER Horny Mutant Jazz  
170 3 VOICE Nightflight  
170 ABET The Sweetest Song  
170 ALIEN FACTORY Destiny Alien Factory Remix
170 ALIEN FACTORY Destiny Sub-Stance Remix
170 ASCEND Can't Hold Back  
170 CHILL'N'FORCE I Feel Free  
170 CHIMERIA Deeper Life  
170 COLOURED VISION Art Vision XOR Rec. M ix
170 DAS MODUL Robby Roboter Radio Edit
170 DJ TOMCRAFT & MEPHISTO This Is No House Version II
170 ED RUSH & NICO Torque  
170 EN GARDE Enfant Terrible Hooligan-Mix
170 FINAL FANTASY I Wanna Dance  
170 FLYING FROGS Dayflight  
170 GENETIC LINE Blue Sky  
170 GENETIC LINE Form-U-La  
170 HOUSE OF INSANITY Don't You Know Original Mix
170 HOUSE OF INSANITY Make A Start Q-Code Mix
170 LOGGI Where Has All The Love Gone?  
170 PARA-DIZER Song Of Liberation Original Mix
170 PARA-DIZER Song Of Liberation Perplexer Remix
170 POLARIS Frozen Luv Siren 6 Hardcore Mix
170 RAVELAB Seeing Is Believing  
170 RBM Banyo Love  
170 SIGNAL RESPONSE II The Signal Raver's Nature Remix
170 UK APACHI WITH SOUNDMAN Take Heed And Take Check  
170 WESTBAM Bostich Rush Push Mix
171 DAS MODUL Kleine Maus Extended Version
171 DIGITAL J. E-Mulation  
171 DIVE BOMB Eliminating Signs  
171 DUNE Hand In Hand  
171 L DOUBLE Little Roller Vol. 1 Nah Easy Up Mix
171 MUSIC INSTRUCTOR Hymn Single Edit
171 TMA A.K.A. FALCO Mutter, Der Mann Mit Dem Koks Ist Da  
171 TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY I Kiss Your Lips Music For The Girlies Extended
172 E-MAX A Higher Dimension  
172 MARC GREEN Torus  
172 RMB Passport To Heaven Video Mix
172 THANEE All My Love  
173 ED RUSH & NICO Comatone  
173 SCOOTER Move Your Ass Mega 'Lo Mania Remix
173 SILVERPLATE Express Yourself  
174 ED RUSH & NICO Technology Boymerang Remix
174 SILVERPLATE Outbreak  
174 SIMON & SHALIN Evolution  
175 DAS MODUL FrŸhlingsgefŸhle  
175 DJ ROB Open Up Your Heart  
175 LEGEND B. Lost In Love Meteor 7 Remix
175 METEOR 7 Signs Of Life Fire Mix
175 MINATORY MINCE X-Files Freak Remix
175 MOONBREAKER Liberation  
175 RAVER'S NATURE N-Sonic Dreams  
175 RAVERS NATURE Tricky Symphony  
175 SCOOTER Raving In Mexico Album Mix
175 SCOOTER Rebel Yell  
176 LIQUID BASS Nation 2 Nation Up & Down Mix
176 NIP COLLECTIVE Moments Of Decision Amorpheus Mix
176 RAVER'S NATURE Take Off!  
176 SCOOTER Friends  
177 ALIEN FACTORY Destiny  
177 REDNEX Wild And Free Album Mix
178 MORPHIELDER Dreamrealisation  
178 NR-GIZER Digital Dream  
178 SCOOTER Move Your Ass Para-Dizer Remix
178 TECHNOHEAD I Wanna Be A Hippy Flamman & Abraxas Radio Mix
179 LEILA K. Ca Plane Pour Moi  
179 RMB Matisse  
180 BLÜMCHEN Kleiner Satellit Satellit In der Luft Mix
180 D-LAY Don't Stop The Motion  
180 NIKOLAI Ready To Flow RMB-Rmx
180 RAVER'S NATURE I Can't Find You  
180 SCOOTER Back In The U.K. Radio Version
180 THE BIO-LOGICALZ What I Mean  
180 UNIT-E Desintegrate In Eternity  
180 UNIT-E House Of Light  
181 BLÜMCHEN Herz an Herz Herz in der Luft Radio Mix
181 RAZOR A Day In Paradise  
183 MARUSHA Over The Rainbow R.M.B. Remix
186 GORZE Some Man's Groovie  
187 COLLO ROSSI Ein bisschen Frieden Radio Edit
189 UNIT-E Humanator  
190 TECHNOHEAD I Wanna Be A Hippy Original Mix
190 WESTBAM Celebration Generation Ravers Nature Remix
190 YVES DERUYTER Calling Earth Mayflower Mix
202 TECHNOHEAD I Wanna Be A Hippy Speedfreak Mix

Markus Tolksdorf