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It's very interesting to look for your favorite songs in the "All Time" MTV European Top 1000 , which bases on the MTV Top 20 since 1989 - restricted to the ones that are available on my site.

Many thanx to Alex Nagorov, who sent me the charts from 1994, March 26th up to December 24th. Moreover, thanx to Rune Horvik from whom I have the charts from 1991, December 7th up to 1994, March 19th. I already gave up with the search, but now I have to thank Bence Kereszty for providing some charts before December 1991, as well as Grybop who posted charts of the time from September 1989 until August 1990 in th UKMIX forum. I appreciate any further chart dated in these days, even if it's only one, so that I sometime reach the goal to complete the archive. Another thank you goes to Tassos K, who provided me data from December 1990 to March 1991 and, June to August 1991, unfortunately with some gaps. Kostas B. Papakonstantinou provided charts from October 1990 to September 1991 and thus filled a lot of these gaps. A special thank you goes to Bogdan Dvoretzky and James Mantu, who help me out with the chart list each time, when I miss to get it myself.
Last but not least, I want to thank Adri Verhoef for all his efforts providing the MTV European Top 20 mailinglist for many years (to be precise from 1991 till 2003), which was an additional database for me after having subscribed to it in 1995.